Made robustly not to last

Made robustly not to last

We are eliminating single-use plastics in forestry by replacing it with a biodegradable alternative.

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Chestnut Natural Capital Limited was set up in 2019 after the founder Ian Brown completed a fellowship to study agroforestry across Europe and Africa.

Ian has 30 years experience of sustainability and innovation in land use. The company is a hyperfast growth business focused on removing single-use plastics and herbicides from the world of tree planting and maintenance.

we do

What we do

We replace oil-based plastics that break down into micro plastics with plant-based polymers that will biodegrade to carbon dioxide and water.

Chestnut is launching a number of products to replace single-use plastic – so far, that is a 3D printable cable tie, a tree guard and a weed-suppressing textile matting; more products are planned from our patentable material.

we do it

Climate change needs tree planting

Trees require protection in the UK

Protection should be a plant based natural solution

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